I Hold the Keys to a Successful Copywriting Project


I’m Easy to Work With


Do you find copywriters difficult to work with? Well, I’m a very “what you see is what you get” kind of person. Open, honest, and to the point. If I have a vice that people tease me for, it’s that I’m always early—with appointments and with deadlines. I do what it takes to meet the deadline for a project.

You’ll find me eager to learn, honest, and willing to go the extra mile to create copy that sells. Pleasant and easy to work with is how people describe me.

Feedback doesn’t hurt my feelings—I see it as an opportunity to learn and to grow. I take pride in my work and in helping others achieve their goals (while also achieving mine).


I Enjoy Research and Learn Quickly


In order for a copywriter to be effective, they have to learn your business, your products, and your prospects inside and out. They have to dig deep for the motivations, emotions, and triggers that will convince your prospects to part with their hard-earned money.

Research and hard work are required to find that big idea that will make the copy—and your product—stand out from the crowd. I’m a strong researcher, hard worker. life-long learner, and voracious reader. A great combination for a financial copywriter.


I Create Clean Copy That Sells


In a former life, I was a freelance proofreader for the publishing arm of the American Management Association. I was self-taught and successful. I bring those same skills to bear on copywriting projects. No one is perfect, but I sure aim to be as close as possible.

When I was just starting out, I prepared quarterly and annual financial reports for the Commanding General at Fort Bragg, N.C. You won’t find a much harder audience than that. Numbers, facts, figures—everything—had to be in perfect order. I learned that young and it stuck.

Numbers geek is a nickname many have given me. We are currently invested in the market, rental real estate, a limited partnership, and a couple of oil deals. I also help real estate investors analyze and run the numbers on potential rental properties and fix and flip opportunities. Check and verify is my motto.

I have a passion for creating clean, accurate copy that sells.

Your unique strengths are that you are extremely honest and a hard worker. Determined and don’t give up. Can find solutions and brainstorm ways to get through problems well. Follows instructions, and often makes them better. Someone that I can count on to get something done.

Mike V.

Real Estate Investor

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I would say your unique strengths are that you are a very quick learner, and also that you have the ability to take in a lot of different information and consolidate it to what is the best and most pertinent for what you need at the moment.

Greg V.

Real Estate Investor

Copywriting Education

  • AWAI Accelerated Six-Figure Copywriting Course
  • AWAI Advanced Course
  • AWAI Masters Course
  • Clayton Makepeace Copywriting Intensive
  • B2B Copywriting Intensive
  • AWAI Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls
  • AWAI Core Message Copy Platforms
  • AWAI Site Audit Program



Mentors and Copy Chiefs

  • Clayton Makepeace – A 44-year direct-response veteran who’s written multi-million dollar controls
  • Marcella Allison — Million-dollar copywriter, superstar at Investing Daily, Soundview Communications, Agora, Weiss Research, Schaeffer’s Investment Research, and many others.
  • Richard Armstrong – Million-dollar copywriter and multi-time winner of the Caples Award, the ECHO Award, the MAXI Award, and a winner of the special Maxwell Sackheim Award for “Distinctive Achievement in Direct Marketing.”
  • Henry Bingaman – Freelance copywriter who has written dozens of multi-million dollar financial controls.
  • Patrick Bove – Million-dollar copywriter behind many of Porter Stansberry’s most successful promotions. He has been writing in the financial niche for 8 years and has sold over $70 million of newsletters since 2008.
  • Donnie Bryant — Since 2007, Donnie Bryant has written winning sales copy for Agora, Zacks Investment Research, Birch Gold Group, Early to Rise, and GKIC. He’s also unofficially been called “The Most Interesting Copywriter in Chicago.”
  • Cindy Butehorn — Copywriter, marketer, and business builder, Cindy helped to build the Phillips Publishing empire before founding NetEffect Marketing. Today, Cindy helps many top companies create acquisition programs that generate massive numbers of new customers.
  • Jedd Canty — In a previous life, Jedd was an advertising executive at one of the largest agencies in the United States, as well as a marketing executive for an online custom diet provider that was traded on the NASDAQ. Today, after spending years as a freelance copywriter, Jedd is proud to be the Copy Chief for Money Morning and Money Map Press.
  • David Deutsch — A “Titan of Direct Response,” and million-dollar copywriter for Boardroom, Rodale, Healthy Directions, Phillips Publishing, Agora, and many others.
  • Wayne Ellis — Wayne has worked in the financial publishing business for 16 years, and has held just about every position imaginable in our industry: copy chief, copywriter, editorial director, advertising director, and marketing director. He is currently Lead Copywriter and Copy Chief for Eagle Financial Publications, responsible for promotions for 15 products.
  • Sandy Franks — Sandy is AWAI’s Copy Chief. Before that, she was a publisher at Agora as well as a marketing director and copy chief. Sandy has hired and worked with many of the top copywriters in the industry, including Mike Palmer, Arthur Johnson, Chip Biggs, and many others.
  • Parris Lampropoulos — After being mentored by Clayton Makepeace, Parris has gone on to become a legend in our industry. He was named a “Titan of Direct Response” and is a million-dollar copywriter for Boardroom, Agora, Rodale, Healthy Directions, Investor Place, Soundview Communications, and many others.
  • Guillermo Rubio — In 2012, Guillermo became AWAI’s $10K Challenge Winner. Since then, G (as he’s known at AWAI), has written for Early to Rise, AWAI, International Living, Dr. Al Sears, and others. Today, Guillermo is a senior copywriter at Weiss Research.
  • Bob Bly — Lead generation master and B2B copywriting specialist. Names America’s Top Copywriter by McGraw-Hill.
  • Casey Hibbard — B2B Case Study Specialist and trainer.
  • Casey Demchak — Core Message Platform Specialist, B2B Medical Device Copywriter, VSL Specialist.
  • Michael Katz —  B2B E-Newsletter Specialist
  • Melanie Rembrandt — B2B Blogs and Articles Specialist. Voted as one of the “Top Google SEO Copywriters on Earth” in 2013.
  • Gordon Graham — B2B White Paper Expert and author.
  • Ed Gandia — B2B Copywriting Specialist

Additional Education

  • Dual Masters Degree: MBA and Master of Business Information Systems from Benedictine University, Magna Cum Laude, 1992
  • Accounting Courses: Campbell University, Magna Cum Laude, 1986-1987
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Economics, Methodist University, Magna Cum Laude, 1984